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Eco-friendly and long-lasting, our reusable Lunch Boxes are award-winning. Uniquely designed, food-safe, and sustainably made, they are made from high-quality materials.

With our cute bento box containers, you can easily prepare lunch with six compartments labeled with vegetables, dairy, fruit, protein, and grain. Make sure the kiddos get everything they need for a healthy day by following their lead!

Let's say goodbye to single-use plastics! You can use this bento lunchbox again and again since it is BPA and phthalate-free. How easy is it to clean? That's right! To make cleaning easy, our bento box is made up of three parts. When school is over, simply place the bento tray and silicone insert in the dishwasher.

We offer leakproof bento boxes with silicone seals for yogurt, soup, dips, and sauces on-the-go. For work lunches and picnics, our bento boxes for adults are perfect. It keeps food fresh, crisp, and ready to eat throughout the day. On those scorching summer days, you can easily slip it into a bento lunch bag!

You can customize the bento box design to make it as extravagant or minimal as you wish. Choose from a wide range of graphics, fonts, and colours to create your own custom design. If you don't want dinosaurs, unicorns, or mermaids, monogram their initials instead. You decide!